Titel Leaving Room for Angels
Untertitel Eurythmy and the Art of Teaching
Autor Vorname Reg
Autor Nachname Down
Inhaltsangaben From the Preface: This book is an attempt to address the art of teaching within the context of eurythmy. It assumes a working knowledge of both eurythmy and anthroposophy, as elucidated by Rudolf Steiner. While it is directed to eurythmists in particular, I feel that the contents of Part One will be of interest also to subject and class teachers who wish to gain an insight into Waldorf education from an artistic-eurythmic viewpoint. Because teaching is as much a matter of what our students bring to us as what we bring to them, what arises from this deep rooted union is highly mercurial and by no means predictable. As a result, what we “know” is constantly confronted by a “do not know.” Thus, whatever can be written in a book is at best only half of the reality of teaching. As will probably be clear, this is not a learned book. I have always chosen to do my own exploring, preferring to make a workingman’s mistake than remain safe with a hundred quotes from the horse’s mouth. Above all, my aim has been to be practical. Very little is theoretical in the sense of having been thought through, but not actually lived or experienced. In this sense the book is personal. Therefore, believe nothing and test everything. It should be possible to recognize the contents at work in the actual teaching and to apply the advice and suggestions fruitfully. Eurythmy must be given away in order to be meaningful in life. If I have a hope, it is that the contents will provide the means for more eurythmists to successfully enter the world of bringing eurythmy to children and teenagers. —Reg Down Available in print from Waldorf Publications URL: http://waldorflibrary.org/ebooks/9/mdownload/114/leaving-room-for-the-angels-eurythmy-and-the- art-of-teaching-ebook?efileid=88 2nd Edition.
ISBN 1888365005
Jahr 2016
Verlag Waldorf Publications (AWSNA)